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School Uniform

The school has two uniforms, a tracksuit and a formal uniform. The tracksuit is to be worn on PE days – usually Tuesdays & Thursdays. There may be extra PE days - Red & Green Day, Sports Day etc.

The Formal uniform:

Navy jumper/cardigan, light blue shirt, navy trousers/skirt/pinafore and a red & navy striped tie. School Crest optional.


Tracksuit: navy, red t- shirt.
Full school uniform should be worn every day, full tracksuit to be worn on Sports/PE days. Formal uniform and tracksuits should not be mixed. During the warm weather navy shorts can be worn with a red t-shirt. Please ensure that suitable footwear is worn at all times. Please be reminded that pomps/flip flops/Ugg boots etc. offer very little support/safety to children’s feet.

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