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Project: Promoting Interest in STEAM subjects to Bridge the Gender Gap

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The primary goal is to promote awareness of STEM topics and how they are visible in everyday life.

Another important goal is to reduce gender inequalities in access and attitudes towards STEM subjects.

Other goals we want to achieve include:

  • Experience different types of STEM & STEAM activities at school.

  • Enhance key competencies and skills through STEM & STEAM activities i.e. planning, research, problem solving etc.

  • Provide advice to students on science and technology opportunities and careers for older students.

  • Increase levels of interest and achievement in math, science, engineering and technology

  • Monitor and assess women's preferences and involvement in STEM careers.

  • Raise awareness of gender bias in classroom teaching and learning and how to break this cycle.

  • Improve teaching skills and  methodologies through the exchange of best practices, especially in the field of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, i.e. emphasizing experiential learning - problem solving, analysis, critical thinking, etc.

  • Increase cross-cultural awareness through cooperation with teachers and students from different cultures and countries.

  • Improve ICT skills i.e. through sharing presentations, designing 3D graphics and preparing short videos

  • Improve English language skills through all activities for partner schools where English is not the first language.

  • Reflect and identify best practice to share with participating partners and the wider community during and after the duration of the project

  • Develop a common website/blog where students from each organization can communicate and build a strong relationship based on sharing. This will not only improve students' confidence but also their communication skills.


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