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Project: Think Global Act Local 2020-2023


This is a three-year-long project consisting of 6 partner schools: Irish (overall coordinator), Turkish, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese and a Hungarian institution.

This project aims to motivate our students to work to make positive changes in their lives that can help prevent further pollution of our Planet and live more sustainable lives.
We will work collaboratively on the different topics and there will be transnational visits to visit the other schools during the duration of the project.

1. GREEN ME deals with personal hygiene. We will research the use of materials used in commercial personal hygiene products and learn how to produce environmentally friendly cosmetics for ourselves such as soaps, toothpaste and deodorant.
2.GREEN HOMES will be about using cleaning products & detergents at home, investigating the harmful effects of them on the environment and our health. Also a chance to create more environmentally friendly versions of some of these.
3. GREEN SCHOOLS will focus on the three R's , reuse, reduce &recycle. We will investigate what we can do to improve our school’s environment i.e. school garden, insect hotel, clean up etc. We will make various products from reused materials.
4. GREEN WORLD will concentrate on global issues & local activities that impact on global problems. We will investigate how shopping & our consumer habits can be made eco-friendlier!
Throughout the project we aim to raise pupil, teacher & parents’ awareness of environmental problems & investigate what we individually can do. Also, how to encourage others to live greener lives!

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