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Green Schools

Our school began the Greenschools Program in 2004. Since then, we have worked hard to protect and improve our local environment and to promote awareness of environmental issues.
We have achieved Green Flags for our work on the following themes:
Litter and Waste
Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste

Currently we are working towards our seventh Green Flag. We are focussing on the theme: Global Citizenship - Energy. We are making our best efforts to reduce the amount of energy we use in school and we are also learning more about Global Citizenship. We also continue actions from previous themes such as recycling, collecting rubbish from the yard, supporting biodiversity, etc.

School Garden

We are very proud of our School Garden which began as a Greenschools initiative. We received a grant and help from Mayo North East to get it started. It is a wonderful asset to our school providing outdoor environmental learning for all of our pupils, cultivating biodiversity and strengthening our links with the wider community. Múinteoir Arlene works tirelessly to maintain and develop our garden in conjunction with
pupils, parents and with assistance from the Ballina Community Clean Up Group.

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