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Yellow Flag programme


The Yellow Flag Programme celebrates diversity in schools. The Yellow Flag Programme is
a practical, school-based programme that promotes an inclusive, positive environment where
equality and diversity are promoted.
The programme is based on 8 practical steps. The steps involved are as follows:
1. Intercultural and Anti-Racism Training for Staff and Management. This training is
available through Irish.
2. Going Beyond the School Walls: Engaging with the Community
3. The Diversity Committee, which will consist of pupils, teachers, parents, other school
staff and management of the school and will meet on a regular basis to drive the
project forward.
4. Intercultural Review, involving staff and students working alongside parents and
other relevant stakeholders.
5. Action Plan for a Diverse School
6. Monitoring, Evaluation and Information Dissemination
7. Curriculum work: Classroom study on diversity, covering race and ethnicity will be
carried out by all students.
8. Diversity Code and Anti-Racism Policy

We have been working hard to earn a Yellow Flag for our school. A Diversity Committee
was established last year to co-ordinate our endeavours in this regard. Ever since then our
pupils, parents and teachers have teamed up to make an extra special effort to promote
inclusion and celebrate diversity as part of this initiative. You can learn more about this
programme from the
Our Diversity Committee had a survey about diversity & inclusion as part of our
Intercultural Review.  The responses they submitted were used to form an Action Plan to help
us improve school life.
We are immensely proud of the great work all of our children, parents and teachers are
doing to implement this Action Plan as we work towards our Yellow Flag!
All of the teachers in our school attended a workshop on Diversity and Equality Awareness.
We have a number of activities planned for the coming year.

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